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UL2919FPE Low Frequency Data Transmission Cables/Wires

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UL2919FPE Low Frequency Data Transmission Cables/Wires Low Frequency Data Transmission Cables/Wires HELUKABEL (Wire & Cabel)
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Technical Data:
- UL-Style 2919 FPE
- Temperature Range: -30°C to +80°C
- Operating Peak Voltage: (not for power applications) 30V
- Test Voltage: 1000V
- Insulation Resistance: min.2 GOhm x km
- Capacitance:C / C: approx. 42.5 pF/m
                            C / C: approx. 72 pF/m

- Inductance: approx. 0,7 mH/km
- Characteristic Impedance: 100 Ohm

Cable Structure:
- Multi-wire strands of tinned copper wires
- Foam PE insulation
- Cores twisted together
- Overall screen of aluminium laminated plastic foil
- Tinned copper drain-wire
- PVC outer sheath
- Sheath colour grey (RAL 7005)
- Core insulation colour:
Pair 1: wh/bu stripe + bu/wh stripe
Pair 2: wh/og stripe + og/wh stripe
Pair 3: wh/gn stripe + gn/wh stripe
Pair 4: wh/bn stripe + bn/wh stripe
Pair 5: wh/gy stripe + gy/wh stripe
Pair 6: rd/bu stripe + bu/rd stripe
Pair 7: rd/og stripe + og/rd stripe
Pair 8: rd/gn stripe + gn/rd stripe
Pair 9: rd/bn stripe + bn/rd stripe
Pair 10: rd/gy stripe + gy/rd stripe
Pair 11: bk/bu stripe + bu/bk stripe
Pair 12: bk/og stripe + og/bk stripe
Single conductor: grey

- 100% screen coverage, offers optimum protection against external interference at medium and high frequencies
- Low capacitance
- Flexible for use in environment where space is a constraint
- Flame retardant in acc. to IEC 60332-1-2

This cable is suitable for wiring of data systems with high transmission rates. It is designed for use as Data Highway (DH) RS 232, and RS 422 interface
which is suitable for static laying in dry and damp locations.
UL2919 FPE Part No

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