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RE-Y(St)Y (flexible instrumentation cable/Wire)

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Technical Data:
– Temperature Range: Up to +70°C,
– Operating Voltage: 300 / 500 V
– Test Voltage: 2000V
– Insulation Resistance: 19.5Ω /KM
– Mutual Capacitance: 250nF/km
– Insulation Resistance: MΩ.km at 20°C > 10
– Cross-Talk Attenuation: min. 0,88 dB/km at 60 kHz
– L/R Ratio: < 25 uH/Ω
– Minimum Bending Radius: 5x cable Ø

Cable Structure:
– Bare copper-conductor, to IEC 60228 cl.5
– Core insulation of PVC
– Cores coloured = Black and White cores
– Cores twisted to pairs with optimum pitch
– Pairs stranded in layer
– Foil wrapping
– Electrostatic screen (St) of plastics-coated metal foil
– Tinned drain-wire
– Outer sheath of PVC, black or blue
– with meter marking

– The electrostatic screen protect the screened pairs against outer electrostatic interference elds

Instrumentation cables are used in data processing and process control. Instrumentation cables are suitable for xed installations in damp locations,
in open spaces and for underground laying.
CE = The product is conformed with the EC Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.
YStY part no


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