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One Touch Male Fittings

High Quality Label Tape for Biovin Electronic Lettering Machine – S650E & S700E


AirTac is the worldwide famous professional manufacturer of various pneumatic equipment in large scale and commits itself to providing customers with various pneumatic equipment such as pneumatic control components, pneumatic actuators, air preparation and pneumatic auxiliary components, services and solution plans that meet customers’ demand and create long-term value and potential growth for customers.

At present, the products of AirTac have been widely applied in machinery equipment, such as food, environment protection, printing, carpentry, textile, printing and dyeing, railway, packing, construction machinery, welding, plastics, rubber, papermaking, pharmacy, medical treatment, chemical industry, mine, tobacco, glass and ceramics, instrument and valve and automatic industry fields such as electron and automobile.

JTC Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive range of AirTac products to meet the high expectation of customers in the competitive pneumatic industry.

  • Variable models can be widely used in every kind of pneumatic systems.
  • High circulation performance: bear the same flow with the volume of the tubing inside diameter.
  • Connect tubing easily and conveniently. The tubing connection portion is safe and durable.
  • The threaded portion is covered with sealant and the M5 thread is attached with sealing gasket to prevent air leakage over the connection thread portion.
  • The nickel plated body is anti-corrosion and anti-pollution, which allows a broader application.
Operating pressure range 0 – 9kgf/cm²(0-0.9MPa)
Negative pressure -750mmHg(10Torr)
Proof pressure 1.5MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature (°C) 0-60
Applicable Tubing Soft nylon or polyurethane
Color Grey/Black


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