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Nitto Plug PF Type (Female Thread)

JTC Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive range of AirTac products to meet the high expectation of customers in the competitive pneumatic industry.


Product Features:
1. An excellent general purpose coupling for connecting factory air supply to pneumatic tools.
2. Steel coupling is suitable for air. Brass or stainless steel are suitable for water. Note that fluid will come out from the plug when disconnected.
3. Critical structural parts of steel models are heat – treated for increased strength giving greater durability and resistance to wear.
4. Available in various body materials, sizes and end configurations applicable to a wide range of applications.


Body MaterialSteel (Chrome-plated)BrassStainless Steel
Size1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″
Working Pressure MPa(kgf/cm2)1.511.5
Pressure Resistance MPa(kgf/cm2)21.52
Seal Material / Working temperature rangeSeal MaterialMarkWorking Temperature Range
Nitrile RubberNBR (SG)-20°C~+80°C
Fluoro RubberFKM (X-100)-20°C~+180°C

Max. Tightening Torgue (N.m {})

TorgueSteel7 {71}14 {143}22 {224}60 {612}100 {1020}120 {1224}
Brass5 {51}9 {92}11 {112}30 {306}50 {510}65 {663}
Stainless Steel14 {143}22 {224}60 {612}100 {1020}120 {1224}

Models and Dimensions:

ModelApplicationBody Material*Mass (g)Dimensions (mm)
SteelBrassStainless SteelLpHs (WAF)CTØBd
20PFRc 1/4″28303036Hex. 1720R 1/47.5
30PFRc 3/8″39414137Hex. 2120R 3/87.5
40PFRc 1/2″70776938Hex. 2920R 1/27.5
400PFRc 1/2″82898141Hex. 2923R 1/213
600PFRc 3/4″11612611845Hex. 3523R 3/413
800PFRc 1″19020219254Hex. 4123R 113



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