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L2 Bus Cable / Profibus (Indoor)

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Type                                             Fixed Installation, Indoor

Cable structure                           1x2x0.64 mm
Inner conductor diameter:                        Copper, bare (AWG 22/1)

Core insulation:                                         Foam-skin-PE

Core colours:                                             rd, gn
Stranding element:                                    2 cores + llers
Shielding 1:                                                Mylar
Shielding 2:                                                Aluminium-foil
Total shielding:                                                 Cu braid, tinned annealed
Outer sheath material:                                   PVC
Cable external diameter:                               app. 8 mm ± 0,30 mm
Outer sheath colour:                                      Violet similar to RAL 4001

Electrical data
Characteristic impedance:                       150 Ohm ± 10 %
Conductor resistance, max.:                    115 Ohm/km
Insulation resistance, min.:                          1 GOhm x km
Mutual capacitance:                                             30 nF/km nom.
Test voltage:                                                      1,5 kV

Technical data
Weight:                                                                 app. 70 kg/km
Operating temperature range min.:          -5°C
Operating temperature range max.:         +70°C

Applicable standards:
                                     Probus acc. to DIN 19245 T3 and EN50170
Flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1

HELUKABEL ® Profibus L2 Indoor is designed for fixed indoor installation in Profibus industrial networks.

Part no.                                                   8144806, Profibus L2

Dimensions and specications may be changed without prior notice.


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