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Harmony Easy Emergency Switching Off Push Buttons XA2ET & XA2ES

The Harmony Easy XA2 range of Ø 22/0.866 in. plastic control and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, flexibility and robustness. It meets the requirements of the majority of industrial applications. The metallic-look ring design on the pushbuttons and switches gives them a modern look. These products are available in the form of complete units.

This range includes:

  • Pushbuttons, selector/key switches, Emergency switching off pushbuttons for Start/Stop control of machines and installations, adjustment, and parametering(contact functions)
  • Illuminated pushbuttons for control and signaling (contact functions and signaling functions)
  • Pilot lights (signaling functions)

The pushbutton, switch (illuminated and non-illuminated) and pilot light control offer comprises:

  • Flush, spring return marked and unmarked pushbuttons, mushroom head spring return pushbuttons
  • Illuminated pushbuttons, spring return, with integral LED
  • Ø 40/1.575 in., Ø 30/1.181 in., and Ø 60/2.362 in. Emergency switching off pushbuttons
  • Selector switches with standard and long handle
  • Key switches
  • Pilot lights with integral LED
  •  Various accessories


Schneider Electric is a worldwide leader focused in electrical distribution, industrial control and automation in more than 130 countries.

Schneider has been operating in Malaysia since the 1960s and our two entities, Schneider Electric (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Schneider Electric Industries (M) Sdn Bhd specialise in the sales of low and medium voltage products and equipment and related services.

Harmony Easy XA2:

  • Modular, plastic pushbuttons and switches with metallic-look ring
  • Complete, plastic pilot lights with integral LED

All the products composing the HarmonyTM Easy XA2 range have been designed to be used in numerous control and signaling applications:

  • Customers can easily select the key functions for standard applications.
  • Their diameter, Ø 22 mm /0.866 in. makes them suitable for standard OEM and panel builder applications.
  • With plastic material, they provide a solution for industrial applications demanding a high resistance to chemical agents.


  • Products – Complete units
  • Shape of head – Circular
  • Drilling or cut-out for mounting – Ø 22 mm/0.866 in.
  • Degree of protection – IP 54 conforming to standard IEC 60529
  • International standards – IEC 60947-5-1, EN 60947-5-1, GB/T 14048.1-93, GB/14048.5-93
  • Product certification – CCC, EAC
  • Cabling – Screw clamp terminal connections
  • Mounting panel thickness – Ø 1 to 6 mm/0.04 to 0.24 in.


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