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E-SJSD Flexible Fluorine (ETFE) Resin SUS Spring Wire Hose (Dissipative Type)

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E-SJSD Feature

Product Features:
1. Due to the hybrid system of conductive resin and special metal fiber, we can achieve dissipative grade even though the length of the hose is long.
2. E-SJSD is less likely to be crushed and superior in maintaining the original shape. E-SJSD also stands proof against negative pressure (vacuum).
3. Chemical Resistance – Since the inner layer is made of ETFE Fluorine Resin, E-SJSD stands proof against most of the chemical substances.


Model Number I.D x O.D Working Pressure Mpa End to end Resistance R Minimum Bend Radius at 20°C Temperature Range Standard Length Weight Color
mm at 20°C at 80°C R/ ~ 20m mm °C M g/m
E-SJSD-12 12 x 18 -0.1 – 0.5 -0.1 – 0.25 1k Ω≦ R <1M Ω 50 – 20 ~80 20 210 Silver
E-SJSD-15 15 x 22 60 290
E-SSD-19 19 x 26 -0.1 – 0.4 -0.1 – 0.2 75 350



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