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E-PDB Flexible Fluorine (PVDF) Resin Yarn Reinforced Hose

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E-PDB Feature

Product Features:
1. E-PDB has excellent chemical resistance because the inner layer is made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). (However, there are some cases when polyvinylidene fluoride might not stand proof against some chemical substances like Ketone.
2. The inner layer of polyvinylidene fluoride is superior in impermeability against all kinds of fluids and gas.


Model NumberI.D x O.DWorking Pressure MpaMinimum Bend Radius at 20°CTemperature RangeStandard LengthWeightColor
mmat 20°Cat 80°Cmm°CMg/m
E-PDB-99 x 150 – 1.00 – 0.565– 20 ~8020145Clear
E-PDB-1212 x 1885180
E-PDB-1515 x 22105265
E-PDB-1919 x 26135320
E-PDB-2525 x 330 – 0.3175460
E-PDB-3232 x 410 – 0.50 – 0.25225650
E-PDB-3838 x 48265870
E-PDB-5050 x 620 – 0.40 – 0.25001340



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