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Autonics Digital Timer LE4S

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DIN W48×H48mm Digital Backlight LCD Timer
Upgraded back light type digital LCD timers LE4S/LE4SA are downsized by approx. 22% saves mounting space and adopted the new design nameplate. In addition, it is available to set each value and time range separately when choosing Flicker(FK, FK I) or ON-OFF Delay(ON OFF D, ON OFF D I) output mode. New LE4S/LE4SA’s upgraded powerful functions of wide variety would fully satisfy customers’ needs.
Product Features:
* Mounting space saving with compact design : downsized by approx. 22% in depth compared to existing models (length of panel on the back side is 56mm)
* Available to set each value and time range separately when choosing Flicker (FK, FK I) or ON-OFF Delay (ON OFF D, ON OFF D I) output mode
* Adds Flicker 1 mode (LE4SA)
* Settable One-shot output time (0.01 to 99.99sec) (existing model: fixed 0.5 sec)
* Configurable time range (added 9.999sec) : Settable by 0.001sec unit
* Selectable Min. input time: 1ms or 20ms (LE4S)
* Improved return time: 100ms
* Backlight ON/OFF function
* Wide time range (0.01sec to 9999hour)
* Lock setting function for saving setting data
* Soft touch setting
* High visibility display with backlight


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