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7S Series Integrated Solenoid Valve

High Quality Label Tape for Biovin Electronic Lettering Machine – S650E & S700E


JTC Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive range of AirTac products to meet the high expectation of customers in the competitive pneumatic industry.

  • To reduce the risk of installation error and simplify wiring process, the manifold valves adopt centralized inlet/exhaust and single signal input(25pin/37pin D-Sub).
  • Steady electrical signal transmission by transfer block, to reduce risk of wiring separately plus 50G shock resist through the test.
  • Assembly and expansion on the number of solenoid valves are flexible.
  • The manifold can be easily installed alone or installed with a DIN rail without extra accessories.
  •  2-position and 3-position solenoid valves can be installed on double controlled manifold at the same time without extra accessories.
  • With manual override for easier installation and adjustment.
  • Low starting voltage and long life cycle.


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