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2J Angle Seat Valve (2/2 way) (Air Piloted)

High Quality Label Tape for Biovin Electronic Lettering Machine – S650E & S700E


JTC Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive range of AirTac products to meet the high expectation of customers in the competitive pneumatic industry.

  • Air piloted and can be used non electric, inflammable and explosive environment. The start-up pressure is low; and the high pressure could be controlled by the low pressure.
  • The accessories such as the noumenon and slide bar are made of stainless steel, which are of excellent rustproof quality. The seals are made of Teflon and can be applied extensively in areas with high temperature and strong corrosive liquids.
  • The structure of valve is angles at 45° degrees with streamline inner chamber design . The reduced tunnel resistance allows liquid to run more smoothly thus achieving high flow. Filtration core are added at inlet port to prevent the entrance of impurities and extend life span of the seals.
  • Actuator is fitted with visual position indicator. This allows for visual checking and adjustment of flowrate.
  • Control point is made of metal . Mounting plate can be used to for NAMUR value.
  • The actuator part can be rotated at 360° degrees and is easily installed.


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