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JTC Industrial Solutions

Industrial Automation Company in Malaysia

Manufacturing has been playing an essential role in the transformation of the world’s economy, spearheaded a nation’s growth and modernization. In recent years, the global competition has become a marathon race towards a new age of advanced and smart manufacturing.

JTC Industrial Solutions is an industrial automation supplier company in Malaysia located in a bustling industrial and commercial zone in Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru (JB). We recognized the trend towards smart manufacturing as a growth engine for a sustainable economy and was established in response to the demand in the industrial automation industry. In addition, we have also established a network of business partners across various spectrums in the industry to deliver reliable and quality products/services.

We aspire to help our customers utilize and optimize their industrial automation systems to increase their efficiency & reliability of their production facilities with the highest possible level of service and professionalism.



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Our Vision

To emerge as a leading provider for industrial and factory automation, manufacturing process automation and offer a complete solution for progressive manufacturers.

Our Mission

Provide superior quality engineering solutions, sales and distribution of industrial and factory automation components to cater for all your factory and process automation.


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